Rate Sheet and Information
Montana Horses, Inc.  |  Big Sky Hounds


Summer Seasonal: May 1- September 15th  -- $1400 (does not include board, for off ranch use only)
Yearly:  $3600 (does not include board, for off ranch use only)
Summer Short Trip - 5-14 days: $875 (for off ranch use only)
Monthly: $1000 (includes board, horses can be left at ranch and used for riding, events, and meets. Does not include conditioning, shoeing, or hauling.) 
Daily: $175 (includes tack, if needed, does not include hauling.)

Tack: Western or English riding equipment for Seasonal Leases: $150
Delivery: hauling fees are an additional charge of $3/loaded mile
Shoeing: $135 t&h, $150 sharp shoes (or you may arrange your own farrier)

Lease options:

            All seasonal, yearly, or short trip horses are intended for off-ranch use and board.  Monthly leases are available and include board and use of the facilities during scheduled member days, open riding days, or for conditioning purposes.

TRAIL RIDES :$75 per rider

LESSONS: $55 per lesson


Big Sky Hounds – Fox Hunting Club  (ANNUAL for the Season May 1, 2018 - April 30, 2019 Season)

            $835 single, $1200 Family, $435 Student or Out-of-State

            Entitles members to all BSH hunts and events, use of ranch facilities during BSH hosted events (puppy walks, drag hunts, picnics, breakfasts, seminars/101’s, designated BSH riding days, summer conditioning rides, fun days, etc.), BSH membership status at joint meets and with MFHA, and Annual Subscribing Membership to MFHA, which includes subscription to Covertside Magazine.  Annual membership year is May 1 – April 30. Dues may be paid at any time during the year that you wish your privileges to begin.  BSH will hunt September 5th to late-April, Wednesdays and Sundays, with a winter break January through mid-February. 

Monthly payments can be arranged (10% service charge added)

Capping Fees: $75 adults, $45 students/juniors (or bring a bag of dog food)  There is no limit to the number of times one may cap in a year. We encourage first-time foxhunters to join us by offering a bag of dog food in lieu of a capping fee for their first hunt at any regularly scheduled Meet (does not apply to joint, away, special, or holiday meets).

Horse pens - $15/night, bring your own water buckets and feed, muck.
At this time, Montana Horses does not offer monthly board for most outside horses.  Please call if you would like to discuss options.

Montana Horses and Big Sky Hounds are located at Headwaters Ranch, a hops farm and event venue featuring The Round Barn. Cabin rentals, event space, convention space, and clubhouse are available on site.