Nose Flies, a spring nuisance of monumental proportions.

NOSE FLIES " would seem that the devil himself must have invented the methods used by botflies to reach the viscera of horses."

The nasty nose flies are here, and if you haven't experienced the horror of having to deal with these little monsters, here's a sample of what you can expect:

"The animal attacked reacts violently; it may toss its head in the air, strike the ground with its front feet, and rub its nose on the ground...or a barb wired fence...It may run away, and sometimes serious damage results...These flies prevent horses on pasture from grazing...Horses are often seen walking or trotting across a pasture with their heads constantly nodding to avoid the attacks of nose flies..The animals become excited when attacked and throw their heads violently upward."

Here at Montana Horses, this spring in particular has brought an onslaught of nose flies. We have all but cancelled all riding until they leave (usually a few weeks) and have seen weight loss in many horses. Though this is an annual event, all of our efforts in the past did not seem to curb the invasion this year. Repellent helps very little, as just the sound and presence of nose flies causes horses to react.

Here's an oldie-but-goodie article on nose flies. Check it out.