Horses for Lease

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seasonal horse lease

Montana Horses continues a long tradition of professional horse leasing across the West. We offer trail horses for lease to your family and to commercial riding operations, schools, camps, guest and working ranches, and events. Our specialty is gentle mountain trail horses suited to the novice rider and perfect for dude strings or family recreational use. We also offer a seasoned string of foxhunting horses for special meets across the West or seasonally. Seasonal horse leases are to be utilized off ranch and we are happy to deliver to your location in loads of up to twelve head.


SUMMER SEASON: May 1 - September 15th. $1400/per horse

WINTER SEASON: September 16th - April 30th. $2400 per horse.

YEARLY: $3600 per horse.

TACK: $150 per set of Western or English riding equipment.

SHOEING: $135 per head, or you may use your own farrier.

DELIVERY: $3/loaded mile.

Horses may be reserved by completing a Horse Lease Agreement. Limited availability, reserve early as we are usually fully booked by January 1st for the coming year.


trip and daily horse lease

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Looking for a horse to take to the mountains for a day of summer fishing or a trail ride with friends? Perhaps you are having a special meet or event and need livery for your guests? Going on a trip into the mountains? We have horses for lease by the day or the trip. Our horses are highly versatile and well trained to fit right into your situation and act like yours. We also offer daily leases of seasoned field horses for foxhunting right here with Big Sky Hounds.


DAILY: $175, includes tack if needed.

SUMMER TRIP: 5-14 days. $875, includes tack if needed.

MONTHLY: $1000, includes board, tack, and use of facilities.

DELIVERY: $3/loaded mile.

We no longer lease pack or saddle horses for back-country hunting pack trips. Please inquire with

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